Five easy hacks to improve your lifestyle

Give your life a little more lustre with these five lifestyle hacks, making your everyday living experience easier, richer, and more fulfilling. Each of these is an easy ‘hack’, and something you can look to incorporate into your lifestyle today. You don’t need, necessarily, to buy much, to do anything very gruelling, or to totally do away with the lifestyle you have now. But, begin to incorporate these, and you will see a difference, in how you feel and how you see life.

You are what you eat

Low quality food = a low quality you. Choose the best foods and take time preparing food so that it tastes great and is nourishing. Invest in some decent kitchenware, too – a food processor pays its way, and it’s plastic bushing ensures it will last a lifetime, even if its blades need replacing every decade. Take time to enjoy your food.

Go green – literally

As well as green foods, we need green space. Get outside at least once a day, no matter the weather. Essential vitamin D is made by our skins through sunlight, but in addition it’s been scientifically proven that being out in nature is good for our mental and emotional wellbeing.

Conquer clutter

A tidy home is another factor in establishing and maintaining inner serenity. If your home is too busy, your mind will be, too. You don’t have to go as mad as Marie Kondo, who limits herself to just a handful of non essential precious items, but consider your superfluous stuff and, if you don’t need it, consider donating to goodwill. A place for everything and everything in its place is a good maxim to live by.


Sedentary lifestyles are responsible for all sorts of debilitating illnesses, from high blood pressure through to depression. A little gentle exercise each day will keep you feeling fit and well, in addition to fighting the flab.

Mental agility

Finally, remember to keep your mind as well as your body active. We need mental stimulation and exercise as much as for our physical forms. The brain is a muscle too, don’t forget. So, learn a language, read a book, solve a puzzle. And rest your mind when it needs it, to ensure you don’t over think. Meditation is a great way to ease your mental processes.

Remember, these hacks can begin TODAY. Start small, and slowly transmute from an unfillinging lifestyle to one that suits you and makes you feel your best. There’s no time like the present. So, GO!

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